In bakery, besides the main units such as furnace, dough mixer and shaping machine, there are many auxiliary types of equipment. These equipments are used to increase the quality of the product as well as to decrease the production cost by increasing the productivity. Now, let's get to know some of these particular pieces.

The water cooling unit is used to bring the mains water to a suitable temperature for the paste dough. Water temperature is one of the factors affecting the quality of the dough. For this reason, the water temperature must be at the desired level while preparing the dough.

In order to obtain good quality dough, it is necessary to adjust the amount of water and the dosage of water used for dough. In old-style ovens, this process provides the master's experience while in advanced systems water dosing units are used.

A pie car is used to place pie trays in ovens. More than one kind of pastry car model can be used for the used oven.

It is necessary to wait for a certain period of time in order to ferment the dough. Prepared dough is placed in the fermentation cabinet. The fermentation cabinet is insulated against external influences in order to control the heat and humidity of its interior. It is necessary to use stainless and non-corroding materials in production. Ergonomic designs will increase efficiency as they often need to be cleaned internally, and can be cleaned easily. 

The tray trolley is used in ovens with rotary interchanges. Materials to be cooked are placed in the trays and carried into the oven by a pans car. The wheels are manufactured from non-flammable materials that are heat-insensitive and designed to move easily. Sizes vary according to the size of the oven used.

The ventilation and temperature of the working environment are important for a quality production. For this reason, air conditioners are used in oven systems.

Flour, the main raw material to be used in production, comes from the factory as sifted. But just in case, flour sifting machines are used in bakeries. According to the production capacity of the firm, it is necessary to choose a flour sifting machine of suitable size.

It may be necessary to slice some products and then present to the customer not as a whole. Bread slicing machines are used for this purpose. This process, which is done with knives in traditional ovens, is now carried out in bread slicing machines. There are machines that produce patterned bread slices as well as flat slicing machines.