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Mini Convection Oven

Mini Convectional Machine

Mini-convectional ovens are designed for the production of small-sized pastries such as pies, sandwich breads, etc. in restaurants, hotels and bakeries. By means of the two stainless steel ventilators that rotate in two directions in the steam oven, a homogeneous temperature distribution is ensured by providing hot air circulation. On the lower part, there is the area which provides suitable temperature and humidity conditions for fermented products. All are made of stainless steel and insulated. This ensures long life and low energy consumption. Unlike other convection ovens, these are manufactured with 220V, 50Hz  electricity. Optionally, the stand for it is manufactured, either.

Product Technical Features

Model Unit EPF 25
Number of tray plc. 4
Dimensions of trays mm 400×600
Distance between trays mm 70
Width (N) mm 930
Length (L) mm 830
Height (H) mm 490
Control system   Dijital
Electrical power kW 6
Weight of oven kg 45
Number of tray in fermentation cabinet plc. 8
Electrical power for fermentation cabinet kW 1,5
Height of fermentation cabinet (H1) mm 760
Weight of fermentation cabinet kg 35



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