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Electrical Mini Deck Oven

Mini-Storey Electric Oven


The main feature of the Mini-Storey Electrical Mini Oven is its ability to operate its each floor independently. Since the bases of the floors are made of stone, the heat spreads equally. Temperature (bottom and top temperature inside the storey) and steam time can be set differently on each storey. Thus, different things can be cooked on each floor. There is a fermentation compartment where suitable moisture and temperature can be adjusted for fermentation and maturing of dough before baking. It can be used as single storey, and additional floor, ventilation hood and fermenting cabinet can be added in accordance with the need. Thanks to Its wheels, it can easily be moved.

Product Technical Features

Model Birim EKF 120
Width (W) mm 1675
Length (L) mm 1600
Height (H) mm 350
Inside width of oven mm 1240
Inside length of oven mm 940
Insıde height of oven mm 220
Height of chimney hood (H2) mm 150
Height of fermentation cabinet (H1) mm 770
Number of tray in each deck (dimensions of trays) pcs (cm) 6 (35×45)
4 (40×60)
2 (60×80)
Electrical power kW 9,8
Electrical power for fermentation cabinet kW 1,5
Control system   Dijital
Weight of oven kg 175
Weight of fermentation cabinet kg 145



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