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About Us

In 2007, Baker Equipment was established with the aim of realizing the vision that it realized the shortcomings in its market activities and adopted it in the furnace equipment sector in order to provide a better service.
Following its foundation, it has proven itself in the market of furnace equipments with national and international activities and has got a big share. It is a company that has reached to its targets with its quality policy by attracting the higher level of vision every day.
With 27 personality team and 3600m² area, 2890 production per year, europa countries have achieved market share and settled first place among Oven Equipment Manufacturers. The state-of-the-art manufacturing industry has reached the very highest levels of quality standards with professional staff who consistently receive seminars and training.
We aimed to produce an environmentally friendly production with our administrative staff, colleagues and employees who never forget human health consciousness and major R & D studies were made and investments were made in line with these targets. In this way, products which consume less energy and produce better quality products and which have the minimum amount of effect on human health can be manufactured.



Hb-Group is proud of reaching world-class production of Bakery Equipments and achieving a conscious customer volume sensitive to human health. It aims to be a company that continuously develops and grows its own methods in the national and international market efficiency.Mission
To meet customer and employee demands at the highest level by continuously improving product and service quality,
To provide happy and satisfied customers by establishing emotional ties with customers through strict customer satisfaction policy.
Targeting communities with high levels of well-being by increasing the quality of life of people with their health mission.


Quality policy

Hb Group produces healthier and better quality products with continuous research and development studies in line with its vision. It also serves more appealing to wider masses by producing more accessible and more affordable products beside the quality.
– To produce quality products by producing all parts of the products at the optimum level with the fairly generic quality policy.
-To produce easier-to-use products and longer-lasting products with heart-warming exercises.
– To provide better quality and more flawless products by giving continuous training and seminars to increase the level of knowledge and skills of the employees.

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