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Startup Bakers: How to start a mid-sized Bakery Business?

Starting your own bakery should be a moment of pride and accomplishment but often it is not. Because of all the jargon out there, starting a new bakery without proper professional guidance can be extremely confusing and frustrating. From choosing the best bakery equipment to finding the finest ingredients. There are just too many things to take care of!

At hb-grup, we exactly understand this situation. That’s why we present you a simple and easy to follow How to guide for starting your very own bakery business.


  • Getting Started: Making an appropriate business plan is crucial before starting out. After drawing your business plan, assess all the variables and start making a list of all the things required. Don’t hesitate to scour the web or seek help from an expert.
  • Research: Second most important part of the process is to perform proper research. Research about every small variable. Make a schematic or workflow for your bakery. Build a strong foundation of your business on paper.
  • Select a Location: survey the location you are planning to start your business in. Make a marketing plan or composite a list of your target audience. Avoid extremely competitive areas. Don’t forget about the furniture you will require to hold your equipment and baked goods.
  • Launch Date: Decide a launching date or a deadline. And organize everything accordingly. Have a grand opening ceremony to attract attention towards your bakery.
  • Bakery Equipment: Decide which type of baking equipment you will require. Do not get carried away by clever advertising, select the baking equipment that suits your needs. Have a look here for more detailed information about commercial bakery equipment.
  • Outline Product cost: Determine the price of your future products and which products would you like to bake and sell. Having a variety of items is recommended. If you are not an experienced baker, first bake all the products and enhance them as required. Make note of your very own recipe!
  • Hiring Staff: Determine how many employees you require and which type of staff you require. If you are not an experienced baker, hiring experienced staff is recommended. Also hire one cashier or front desk employee. Manage full time and part time employees, as it can save a fortune!
  • Marketing: Once you have setup your shop and are ready to go live, make a basic strategy for marketing. Offering free cookies or small discounts for first-time customers or spreading flyers across the areas are a must.
  • Financial Management: It is extremely important to manage your finances. Calculate and manage your initial investment. Manage your financial sources ahead of time and file appropriate taxes.
  • Other Equipment: Apart from bakery equipment, you will also need appropriate furniture, cooling racks, water filters, baking dishes, mixing bowls, cookbooks or manuals, packaging supplies, appropriate dress code, sanitizers, cleaning supplies etc. You can check out the full list of bakery supplies here.
  • Permissions: Get a license to operate your commercial bakery. Look up all the commercial laws and abide by them. It is also a good idea to consult an attorney before starting to avoid any future disruptions.
  • Online Presence: It is extremely important to build an online presence for your bakery. Submit your business to as many local and online directories as you can. Build a professional looking website and provide delivery services.

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