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How Rotary Oven is crucial for almost every industry?

Ovens are no longer just a cooking accessory, but also serve as an extremely important commercial machinery. Apart from bakeries, Pizza Shops and Restaurants majority of the industries use ovens in form or another.
Historically used for pottery and metalworking, ovens have now become a crucial part of industrial drying, baking and melting process. Gone are the days for special furnaces, filled with wood or coal. So let’s look at industrialized applications for modern ovens.
Various uses of oven:
Traditionally used in pottery, metalwork and cooking, today ovens are used mainly in culinary industry, for scientific purposes, Artisanal uses and in large scale Industrial applications. Most of the industrialized ovens resemble their culinary counterparts and they also operate in almost identical way.  These specialized ovens serve various applications from heating an aqueous solution to drying or melting certain raw materials.
Most of these ovens run either on Gas, Diesel or Electricity.
Industries which use Rotary Ovens
●    Carbon Composite Industry:  Rotary ovens are imperial for any carbon-related processing. As at higher temperatures natural properties of carbon change, making it extremely easy to work with.
●    Ceramic Industry: Oldest documented use of an oven was in the ceramics industry. Started in ancient china, the Ceramic industry would disappear without specialized heating ovens.
●    Petroleum industry: Crude oil is refined with a particular type of distillery process. Whereas remnants of distillation are treated with high-quality ovens to turn them into various types of polymers and fibers.
●    Rubber, Silicone, PTFE industry: Manufacturing of all rubber products, silicone products and processing of PTFE requires extremely high temperatures. Only with a good oven, manufacturers can control the temperature and create high quality good.
●    Food Industry:  Without a doubt ovens are the lungs of culinary and food industry. Mass production of delicious food would be impossible without a proper set of industrialized ovens.
●    Mold Drying: On of the great benefits of having a rotary or conveyor oven is that you can dry molds extremely quickly.
●    Concrete Manufacturing Industry:  Heart of real estate and construction industry, Concrete also depends heavily on ovens for manufacturing. Treating different raw materials, purifying them, mixing and curing the finished products all depend heavily on rotary ovens.  
●    Chemical and Metal Industry: Most of the metal production and purification industries require higher temperatures to operate.  Majority of the chemical oxidation processes occur at higher temperatures, making ovens vital for both chemical and metal industry.
How do they operate?
Majority of the industries use, medium to large sized turnable ovens or conveyor ovens. Large rotating ovens are called rotary ovens, which move components inside the heating chamber in a circular motion. Providing uniform heating and optimal results.  
Usually, the rotation process starts slow, but as the internal heating chamber becomes hotter and hotter, the spinning process picks up the pace and can rotate according to your needs. Some more specialized ovens have multiple heating chambers, each with different temperature. Providing extremely high output and lightning fast results.

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