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We all play with playing dough. Maybe the oldest toy of a person is burnt. Some children play with the dough prepared to make bread, not with the game dough. But the real thing is that it is one of our closest companions from the very beginning of mankind to this day. To produce bread, pastry and other bakery equipment, it is necessary to mix the flour with water and make dough. Dough mixers and other dough processing equipment are used in bakeries, pastries, mass food production facilities, even in homes.

Some of them are large, some of them are small. Some of them are expensive while some of them are inexpensive. These devices are used in a variety of jobs such as shaping, decorating and packaging. Some of the devices in the dough processing group can be operated manually while others need electricity. Some can be made of plastic and wood, while others are made of metal and alloy such as stainless steel.

Let’s talk a little bit about the major units in the dough processing group. The dough kneading machines used in commercial enterprises are working with electric energy. There are some sections such as mixing vessel, mixing section and control unit. Mixers are an important part of the dough processing group. A wide variety of mixers with varying sizes are available in the market these days. Fixed boiler spiral mixer is a device often found in a pastry kitchen.

An important unit in this group is long moulder machines. Their size and shaping capabilities are different. Their prices also increase with the number of different shapes they can apply to dough and length of the machine. Intermediate proofing machines are also one of the indispensable parts of the dough processing group.

This machine, which is used for the fermentation of rolled dough, is also called as an intermittent machine. With the dough cutting and weighing machine, the dough is cut in the same amount without wear and tear. Cutting is very important because the dough should not be compressed and each piece must have equal amount. The conical rounding machine is also one of the important members of the dough processing group. Generally made of aluminum and dough pieces output of the weighing and cutting machine comes this machine. This unit with a cone-shaped main structure and spiral aluminum arms is given various forms to dough pieces.

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