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How to use Bakery Equipment to boost your Business?

For most bakers, increasing sales can be tricky. No matter how delicious your products are, without enough customers you are not going to make desired profits. Especially for novice and mid-sized bakers finding more customers can prove to be difficult, especially in a competitive market. 

Before we get started, check out our guide to avoiding most common mistakes that might already be hurting your business. Once you have made sure that you are not making the same mistakes, let’s focus more on making few changes to your bakery interior and exterior in order to attract more customers and boost your sales.


Enter Display Cases:

Display cases are the most underrated piece of equipment in a bakery. If you don’t already have one, go get one here. Trust me, you will thank me later!

Display cases allow you to showcase your baked masterpieces to the world. And if positioned well, these display cases can boost your sales by a significant amount. Let’s see how.


Get the Most out of Display Cases:

  1. A display case allows you to showcase your best selling products to the customers, which in turn helps to make more sales.
  2. Decorate your products. Place them beside your best selling products. A well-decorated product will compel your customer to try new items. Increasing your profits.
  3. Use a good text font or stickers to display name and price of the product. Make sure that all the nametags are same in size and look. This helps give your bakery a more professional appearance.
  4. Use more than just one display cases. If possible, place a display case facing outwards. This will help attract more passersby into your bakery. Put some fake flowers or decorate the display case well to attract the attention of customers.
  5. Try to place your interior display cases in different areas of the shop and measure the sales. After evaluating all possible positions, select the one that had highest sales.
  6. Use ambient yellow lighting in all your display cases, as it increases appetite. Also use bright white lighting in your shop.
  7. Keep the display case glass clean and free of any type of dust or stains. A dirty glass will only turn your customers away.
  8. Decorate the interior of your shop as well, instead of just a plain bakery, turn your bakery into a Bakery & Cafe hybrid. As customers who drink coffee will stay for longer, buying more products.
  9. Provide Combos and special offers. Combining two or more products together will not only increase your sales but also make your customer happy.
  10. Do not hesitate to try something new. Find out what works best for your bakery and setting.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep your bakery clean and tidy.
  • Offer a great customer experience and faster service.
  • It is great to hire an interior designer to design your bakery. Don’t overdo decoration. Keep it as simple as possible.
  • Don’t stuff your display cases with goods. Rather have a separate menu for less popular items.

Want to learn more? Find out more guides on bakery equipment here.

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