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Bakery Equipment Buying Guide: Finding the best Commercial Mixer

For beginner and experienced bakers alike, a commercial mixer is undoubtedly the most useful piece of equipment in a bakery. With various attachments and versatile uses, a commercial mixer can ease your baking process. A commercial mixer can provide higher outputs, with greater quality.  Saving you both precious time and money.

Whether you want to mix hundreds of pounds of dough daily, or to get the perfect mixture for baking cookies, mayonnaise or ice cream, a commercial mixture can prove to be a vital asset. In this brief guide, we will take a look at finding the best commercial mixer to suit your needs.


Types of Commercial Mixers:

Like any other bakery equipment, a commercial mixer comes in a variety of designs and sizes. However, when looked broadly, there are only three main types of commercial mixers.

  1. Planetary Mixers: Also known as a vertical mixer, a planetary mixer lets you mix anything from icing to baking dough. Numerous attachments and accessories allow you not only to mix but also to grate, slice and chop.
    Depending on the size, a planetary mixer can usually mix small to medium-sized batches and is ideal for almost every type of bakery.
  2. Spiral Mixers with fixed bowl: another major class of commercial mixers are spiral mixers. Due to its small size, spiral mixers are a lot easier to move around. Spiral mixers are mainly used for whipping eggs, making cake icing, mayonnaise, or other type of liquid items.
    Large bowl remains stationary and agitator shaft rotates across the bowl.
  3. Dough Kneading Machines: Used mostly in pizza shops, or high demand bakeries, dough kneading machines or mixers are a special subtype of spiral mixers. The mixing agitator remains stationary and the bowl rotates around it. This type of specialized design makes them ideal for mixing large batches of dough quickly.
    Usually, these mixers provide the same output as planetary mixers within half the time.


How to find the best Commercial mixer?

Finding the right type of commercial mixer depends on three main criteria

  1. Type of mixture you will be mixing:
    If you are going to mainly mix batter then prefer spiral mixers. On the other hand, if you are going to mix primarily dough and other flour-based bakery items, prefer dough mixers or planetary mixers.
  2. Type of Usage:
    If you are a small to mid-sized bakery, medium sized mixer would suffice. For busier bakeries, getting a large sized mixer is recommended. Most of the commercial mixers are suitable for heavy duty usage. Also keep in mind that all of these mixers require regular cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Size:
    Ask yourself “How much will I be mixing?” and then decide which type of mixer you will need. For example a 5-20 Qt. planetary mixer can meet the needs of a small to mid-sized On contrast, a large bakery or busy bread shop will require 40 Qt. or larger spiral mixer.

Selecting the right mixer also depends on the consistency of your mix, your budget, available space and mixing speeds. Some mixers offer fully automated operations, while others offer semi-automated mixing operations.


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