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Bakery Equipment Buying Guide: Choosing the best Convection Oven for your bakery


Baking process is the heart of any bakery. A good baking process can be the difference between delicious, mouthwatering items or unsavory, tasteless items. A good baking process can provide the desired texture, crunchiness and texture to you baked products and provide you with a delicious item. Without years of experience under your belt, you are unlikely to get the same consistency and texture across all your products.

But what if it took less time and supervision? Then only you can automate your baking process and create your baked masterpieces?  Enter convection oven. An oven that can save up to 25% on cooking time and up to 30% on energy costs. But that’s not all, not only it can bake, but also it can reheat, roast and thermalize your items as well!

But before we dive further into “choosing the best convection oven for your bakery”, let’s first look what a convection oven is.


What is a Convection Oven?

Convection oven is an advanced type of fan assisted oven. These fans can circulate the hot air inside the oven to cook the food much faster. Whereas most traditional ovens radiate excess heat from their walls, a convection oven spreads this excess heat evenly throughout the food to bake it perfectly.

Because of its design, a convection oven is extremely efficient and cooks the food uniformly. Baked items are also more crispy, tastier and juicier than traditional counterparts. Not only you can cook everything you would in a standard oven, but also cook other items as well. Since the convection oven cooks the food quickly, it preserves its juiciness and eliminates the formation of flaky layers.

In short, if you want your baked items to taste as good as they can, use a convection oven!


How to choose the best Convection Oven for your bakery?

Buying a new convection oven is no different than buying any other bakery equipment. Depending on your baking requirements, spatial availability and budget, you can select the perfect convection oven that suits your needs.


Baking Load:

  • Do not buy residential convection ovens, as they are not suited to handle the load of a commercial bakery.
  • For small to midsized bakeries, buying a small counter top version might just suffice.
  • For higher loads floor based convection ovens offer the best value for money. Depending on your load you can choose from half sized or full sized models.
  • Do not forget to install a Hood and fire suppressor.


  • For Space hungry bakeries, Countertop convection ovens are the go-to solution for all their baking needs. They are quick and easy to install and require very little space to install.
  • However, if you do have some extra space, consider buying half size floor model convection oven rather than counter- As you can always add another floor oven on top of it if you need higher outputs in future.


  • Depending on your budget, choose a convection oven that best suits your needs. However, it is not a bad choice to invest a little more if you are planning to expand.
  • Most convection ovens are available in gas and electric both models. Depending on the type of energy source in your bakery, you can select either of them.
  • Many advanced convection ovens also offer a thermostat function, which allows them to hold cooked items for a longer period of time. This saves both money and space in your bakery.


So now that you have mastered your baking equipment essential on convection ovens, why not check out more interesting articles on commercial baking equipment here?

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