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Bakery Equipment

Today, many advanced devices are used in modern bakery factories and bakery products manufacturing enterprises. There are many companies that produce these devices. These companies are intensely competitive in terms of more efficient and more ergonomic design of the devices and more favorable price for the customer.

The bread making equipment mainly consists of a bakery group, a dough processing group and a set of auxiliary equipments. It is possible to consider the patisserie group where some products specialized for patisserie sector as a separate group. Now let’s get to know some of the groups we talked about.

Oven group

The most basic units of a bread producer is ovens. Today, it is possible to see more than one type of oven in an enterprise. Depending on the nature of the product to be cooked, there are special ovens. Let’s briefly introduce the leading ones.

The multi-layered baking ovens, also called as deck ovens, which are stacked one above the other, are very common nowadays. Each cabin can be controlled separately. They are placed on top of each other so that the unit area is much more flushed. Heat, by convection and radiation, is distributed evenly between the cabins. If there is no material to cook in some cabinets, it is possible to save energy by preventing heating of those cabinets.

Rotary ovens are oven types in which a wheeled tray is placed on top of a cart in a tray and the material to be cooked is continuously rotated during cooking in a mechanical way. This rotation ensures that every part of the products is cooked uniformly. By stacking the trays on top, the oven can produce much more bread in unit area.

Rotary ovens and deck ovens are the general types used in bakery enterprises. There are also furnace types such as oil ovens, tunnel ovens (single or multi-storey, wire or stone base), pizza ovens, electric ovens.

Dough divider for bread

Dough processing group is the name of the product group which consists of machines that perform processes such as flour sifting, dough mixing, intermediate proofing, and dough weighing and cutting. Now let’s get to know the major units in this group.

The dough mixing machines enable the water and the flour to be mixed at certain ratios and become dough. It can be of various sizes and features. Intermediate proofing machines are used to keep dough for certain time to ferment, weighing and cutting machines are utilized for weighing and cutting the dough according to the product to be produced. Dough shaping machines are used to give the shape of different bakery products (bread types). The long bread shaping machine and conical dough turning machines are also important parts of the dough processing group.

Auxiliary Equipments

In bakery enterprises, a lot of auxiliary equipments are being used to increase production efficiency and quality. Flour storage systems enable the storage of flour. The amount of water used and the water dose must be well adjusted. These adjustments, which were made with the decision of the experienced bread masters in classical systems, are now made with machines today. Bread slicing machines are used for slicing breads.

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