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3 Reasons why you must have a Rotary Oven

Who doesn’t want a bakery filled with a variety of delicious delights? A bakery, where customers are attracted by mouthwatering aroma of baked goods. Where there is no shortage of either demand or supply. Well, almost every baker does. But for how many this dream bakery turns into a reality? Rarely any!

So where do most of the bakeries struggle? Answer: their baking process. Baking is the heart of every baked product, yet most of the bakers make the wrong choice of either baking equipment or baking method, which shunts their delicacies from becoming savory masterpieces.

While, only time and experience can help you become better, in this article we will explore 3 reasons why you must have a rotary oven. 

  1. Highest Quality and Superior Taste:
    A huge benefit of having a rotary oven is its high quality and uniform baking across the oven. You can enjoy almost identical baking, and browning from top to bottom. This ensures same texture and consistent taste, allowing you to perfect your own signature taste.
    Standard ovens are semi-automatic. Meaning they require constant monitoring and can overcook or undercook the items. This is not the case with rotary ovens at all, as they offer a fully automated baking process. Just set the time and temperature and let the oven take care of the rest!
  2. Larger Batches and Faster Cooking Times:
    Once you have settled in your bakery, keeping up with the demand can be a challenging task. Especially if you provide a variety of products and sweets. Where a traditional oven might require several batches of cooking, a rotary oven might only require one batch of cooking. In addition, smaller bakeries can also cook a variety of items, all in one batch.
    Since a rotary oven eliminates heat-loss and spreads the heat evenly- baking time is significantly reduced. This allows bakeries to make a higher number of products in the same amount of time.
  3. Energy efficient and Safer Alternative:
    Due to reduced cooking times, Higher loading capacities, rotary ovens can slash your energy bills dramatically. Latest European standards include heat cycling technologies to minimize the energy utilized. Furthermore, Baking compartment of a rotary oven is thermally isolated from the rest saving, even more,
    Safety is a huge concern for any bakery. Most bakers are constantly under a fire hazard. Where standard and traditional ovens only provide basic security against fire, explosions and burns, Rotary ovens take it a step further. By providing industry based anti-explosion measures and fire retardant coating, rotary ovens protects your bakery from all kinds of hazards. Due to its fully automated operating nature, accidental burns are extremely rare.

But the list doesn’t just end here! Rotary ovens are extremely easy to install, use and maintain. Most of the commercial models have decades of service lives and are compatible with most environmental and government regulations.   Check out more amazing benefits of rotary ovens here.

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