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Equipping your bakery with the right type of equipment might seem a daunting task at first, but it doesn’t always have to be. Whether you are just starting a new commercial bakery or upgrading your existing bakery equipment, purchasing the right equipment for your particular needs is extremely important.

Especially if you are just starting out, choosing the right commercial bakery equipment can be very confusing. Thus, to simplify things, today we will talk about 4 essential bakery equipment, paramount for any type of bakery.


1. Baking System:

when it comes to baking system, the most important part of the process is preparing the perfect dough. Having a well-mixed dough is essential to the quality and texture of the baked items. While most home based bakeries prefer mixing their dough with hands or with small counter top machines, these methods are not very practical for larger bakeries. Commercial bakeries require larger, more automated machines. These commercial mixers produce same dough consistency and superior quality, in very short amount of time.

According to bakery size and daily mixing requirements, there are two main varieties of commercial mixers to consider. 1. Planetary Mixers and 2. Spiral Mixers with fixed bowl. Both of these machines provide extremely high output, with very less power consumption and come with a variety of mixing settings to match your very personal needs.

2. Bakery System:

The second most important equipment for any bakery is Dough dividers and proofers. Dividers split a large batch of dough into smaller pieces. Size of these pieces can be easily adjusted. Thus, Dough dividers are extremely useful to produce the same size of bread, crusts, pies or other bakery systems.

Whereas proofers allow the dough to rise before baking. A good proofer can increase the crispiness and texture of the crust dramatically. Buying dough dividers and proofers can save a lot of labor and time, allowing you to deliver a greater number of products with the same consistency.

3. Oven Systems:

a good Oven is the heart of any bakery. Despite being so crucial equipment, you can be easily overwhelmed the size, type and variety of ovens available in the market. It is extremely important to select an oven that suits your baking needs.

Main type of ovens include convection ovens, roll-in ovens, deck ovens and rotating ovens. Each of them offering a variety of features and unique benefits. This is the part where you want to consider about your budget, as these ovens can get really expensive very soon. For most formal type of baking, a medium to large sized convection oven will suffice. Whereas some more expensive ovens even include steam injection methods, which can take your baked items to the next level!

4. Display Cases and Slicers

Believe it or not, but displaying your baked masterpieces to the world is most important part of your business. This is where display cases come in. A well placed and decorated can boost your sales almost instantly. Available in both refrigerated and non-refrigerated styles, these cases allow proper storage of your items. Preserving them for longer storage. You can also either choose from a self-serving display case or behind the counter serving display case.

Whereas slicers on the other hand help you to give your baked items give a more professional texture and look.

So now that you have the basic knowledge of things to buy for you baking endevour. Next step is to learn more about these baking equipment and decide which one is for you. Find out more in our article here.

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